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Celebrating Pride Month

As part of Pride Month, Hurst hosted its own vibrant event to celebrate diversity and inclusivity within the college and wider community

09 Jul 2021 | Community | Community

Cuckmere Haven trip

Year 7s visit Cuckmere Haven to learn about two Year 8 geography topics – coastal processes and National Parks – amidst heavy rain

08 Jul 2021 | Academic

The Emerald Crown

Year 3 and 4 pupils celebrated rainforest life in their vibrant, energetic production of The Emerald Crown

07 Jul 2021 | Creative

Year 8 production

This year, the Year 8 production was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with some truly fantastic performances

04 Jul 2021 | Creative

Pre-Prep Sports Day

Annual Pre-Prep Sports Day a little different this year for pupil’s families as events were live streamed with entertaining commentary and comical demonstrations

03 Jul 2021 | Sport

Respect and Relationships Workshops

Respect and Relationships workshops for Shell, Remove and Fifth Formers to support initiative on improvements throughout the school

01 Jul 2021 | Community | Community

Afternoon of dance

More than 80 Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils perform in Dancing through the decades, an afternoon of dance in the New Bury Theatre

01 Jul 2021 | Activity

Rainforest Charity Morning

Pupils from years 3 and 4 enjoy fun-filled arts and crafts charity morning to raise funds to save part of the rainforest

30 Jun 2021 | Community

Leavers’ Challenge

Despite weather warnings, the Year 8’s thoroughly embraced their Leavers’ Challenge in good spirits and with great gusto

30 Jun 2021 | Activity

Outdoor adventure at Hindleap Warren

Year 4 pupils enjoy outdoor adventure day, despite torrential rain and mud, with activities in the woods and on the climbing wall

28 Jun 2021 | Activity

Roman Afternoon

Year 7 pupils enjoy a Roman afternoon with a virtual keynote speaker, a visit from a Roman soldier and tailor-made drama workshops

25 Jun 2021 | Academic

Outdoor art morning

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 enjoy outdoor art morning with a double-edged theme of the environment and mindfulness

23 Jun 2021 | Creative