Life After Hurst

The Sixth Form is a time when significant decisions are made. Hurst is unashamedly ambitious for all its students, but the priority has to be that the next step after school is perfectly suited to each individual’s aspirations and aptitudes.

It is our aim that by the end of the year, Hurst graduates will face the world with confidence and maturity, having achieved grades that each individual once regarded as ambitious. We hope that each individual’s overall results will enable them to embark with confidence on the next stage of their chosen path through life.

In the Sixth Form, students are encouraged to look at the pathways they will take after Hurst. We believe that if students can understand their own skills and ambitions, they can be guided by our staff to fulfil their career aspirations. Hurst Sixth Form tutors are trained as executive life coaches, to invest time and expertise in drawing out an individual’s values and motivations, to help our young people perfectly match their plan to their true selves.

We have a specialist Careers and Higher Education department on the Sixth Form level of the college library, holding information on university options, careers and gap years. A dedicated team provides students with invaluable support as they consider the areas that interest them and research the various options that are on offer.

The majority of Hurst’s students choose to apply for a place at a leading British university, but the college also embraces the alternatives, from professional sport and the performing arts to entrepreneurship and aid work.

Our Upper Sixth have achieved excellent examination results over the past five years and the majority have entered their first choice university.

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