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Exam Results

Exam results

A-level results 2020

It has been an interesting year for public examinations. The turbulence during the summer term and then, when results were announced, this caused considerable anxiety. In the end, the Government reached a resolution which might not have satisfied everybody but certainly meant that the outgoing Upper Sixth form as well as last year’s Fifth form achieved an extraordinary set of results.

It would not be right to lay great claim to these results in any way other than to say that both year groups were extremely strong academically and both year groups seemed to end up with a set of grades which not only enabled them to move on to the next stage of their academic or other careers successfully but also reflected their intelligence and, indeed, considerable hard work and preparation. These results will be recorded alongside previous years but, obviously, with a footnote to explain the manner in which they were decided.

All that said, I would nonetheless like to pay tribute to both pupils and staff for dealing with this unfortunate and challenging situation in such a stoic and, indeed, good humoured and positive manner.

Tim Manly


A-level and GCSE results 2020 graphs