Science trip to Marwell Zoo - Hurstpierpoint College

Science trip to Marwell Zoo

Year 6 pupils have been learning about living things and habitats during their science lessons this term. To help put this into context they headed out for a day at Marwell Zoo, for a series of interactive workshops.  

The main session involved how giraffes adapted to their environment, with uniquely long legs and necks. The zookeeper kept the pupils engaged and excited with interesting facts, such as ‘did you know the pattern of a giraffe’s coat is as individual as a human fingerprint?’  

Following on from the workshop, pupils headed to the classrooms for a session looking at bones and skulls. This provided an exciting opportunity for them to handle bones and skulls of different animals.  

As the day progressed, pupils had the opportunity to browse the various animal enclosures. The meerkats and snow leopards were the most popular but not quite as popular as the gift shop! 

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A big thank you to Marwell Zoo for hosting the Year 6 science trip. It is a wonderful way to bring classroom work to life Mrs Edwards-Clarke