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Year 2 Head to Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Year 2 were in their element with a treasure trove of toys and models from floor to ceiling with dolls, puppets, trains, teddies, cars and building materials to sui

22 May 2024 | Activity

Summer Informal Concerts

The final instalment of our Informal Concert series impressed the audience!

20 May 2024 | Creative

Year 3 head to Hove Lagoon

Year 3 embraced the elements and embarked on a fun-filled day!

20 May 2024 | Activity

James and the Giant Peach

This year, a wonderful Year 7 cast performed their rendition of a well-known and loved classic, Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach.

14 May 2024 | Creative

Year 6 Explore Arundel Castle

As part of their Norman studies/topic, Year 6 enjoyed exploring Arundel Castle!

09 May 2024 | Community

Year 1 Visit Brighton

Year 1 visit the Sea Life Centre and Brighton Beach

09 May 2024 | Community

Year 4 visit Fishbourne Palace

As part of their History topic on the Romans, Year 4 took a trip back in time.

09 May 2024 | Community

Year 5 head to Bowles!

Year 5 experienced their first-ever residential trip to Bowles for a three-day, two-night stay!

08 May 2024 | Activity

Grandparents come for tea!

Reception class invited their grandparents for an afternoon of tea and cake!

08 May 2024 | Community

Howards Charity Day

Howards House hosted a charity day in support of Kidscape and the Rocking Horse Charity.

28 Mar 2024 | Community

Toy Stories Dance Showcase

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 performed in the annual Dance Showcase with this year’s theme being ‘Toy Stories’.

28 Mar 2024 | Creative

Josh Braid: Exploring Antarctica

This week, it was a pleasure to host Josh Braid once again, and to hear all about his recent adventures in Antarctica.

26 Mar 2024 | Community