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Cuckmere Haven trip

Year 7 visited Cuckmere Haven to learn about two of their Year 8 geography topics: Coastal Processes and National Parks.

It is a beautiful spot with rolling downlands of incredible flora and fauna. Plus, the famous valley with its artificially cut-off meanders and thriving wetlands. Sadly, the weather was atrocious, and the pupils saw very little of its charm.

In true Hurst spirit, pupils embraced the opportunity of a day out of the classroom and soldiered on. They split into two groups. The first went down to the sea with Mr Jordan, from the Senior School Geography Department, learning about coastal processes at work, creating the beach and eroding the cliffs. The second group ascended into low cloud on the hills with Mr Williams, learning why and how the National Park Authority protects the land – and picked up some OS map skills. The pupils engaged well, asked great questions and learned much.

The two groups met on the beach for a soggy lunch, protected by a shingle berm, and then swapped locations. The rain started to get even heavier, so the students headed home to dry out their socks and warm up.

The only person happy about the weather was me as I was able to add a third topic, rainfall, to my lesson plan! I was very impressed with how the pupils approached the day and would like to give special thanks to the year 7 tutors - Mrs Filkins, Mr Baldwin, Mrs Edwards-Clarke and Miss Megahey -who were absolute stars throughout Tom Williams, Head of Prep Geography

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