Annual Fun Run - Hurstpierpoint College

Annual Fun Run

In June, JPS held their annual Fun Run in aid of Hope House Haiti. Since our last Fun Run, the situation in Haiti has deteriorated significantly and basic survival is now the focus of most Haitians.  Gangs control most of the country, law and order has completely broken down and even basic services such as power and water have all but failed.

Yvrose and her husband, the founders of Hope Christian Academy in Haiti, provide free education for around 950 children and young adults, as well as a school lunch for every pupil (usually their only meal of the day), whilst running an orphanage in their home for around 30 children. Yvrose has been expanding their farming within the school compound, growing lime trees and making honey and bread. The past couple of years have been particularly challenging and they often experience drought which has meant that their food production has suffered, along with increased costs in the local economy.

Just £15 buys a vital water butt to store rainwater while £40 pays a teacher’s salary for a week (we have sponsored a teacher for several years now) and £160 enables a solar panel or battery to be purchased. The JPS put on a magnificent show with wild and whacky costumes on the day and, in total, we raised over £1600 to help Yvrose and Hope House in Haiti – thank you to everyone.