Mythos Dance Showcase - Hurstpierpoint College

Mythos Dance Showcase

It was quite the challenge this year to get this Showcase onto the stage for all to enjoy, but we got there in the end and it was certainly worth the wait!

The audience were invited to journey through Mount Olympus with Kaos, first of the Gods, played by Arthur Moir and Gaia, and Mother Earth played by Emily Gasper, to celebrate some of the greatest myths and legends ever told.

Passed down through millennia, these stories are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales, and cultural DNA of the West. The audience got the chance to fall in love with Eros, wince at the birth of Athena, marvel at the beauty of Aphrodite, learn from the mistakes of Medusa, and so much more! All this through the medium of dance which ranged in styles from ballet to tap to street to contemporary.

Spellbinding, informative, and moving, the dancers from Y3-8 perfectly captured themes and stories for the modern age – in all their rich and deeply human relevance.