Sports Scholarship Programme - Hurstpierpoint College

Sports Scholarship Programme

The Hurst Performance Athlete Scholarship Support (PASS) Programme has been designed to assist our Sports Scholars in achieving their potential while at Hurst.

The programme offers a range of support that is underpinned by our six pillars of development:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Practice
  • Lifestyle
  • Performance Analysis
  • Leadership and Role Modelling

Alongside these pillars, scholars are offered mentor support by our Head of Sports and Sports Performance Managers. Each scholar is allocated a full-time mentor and a ‘buddy’ from another year group. This mentor system ensures our scholars always have someone to talk to or seek advice from, whether it’s sports or school-related. Our buddy system enables peer sharing and support.

Our scholars also attend a variety of presentations by guest speakers. These include current and former professional sports people, sport psychologists, nutritionists, people working in professional sport and those with sports-based university guidance.

We believe every child that is awarded a sports scholarship at Hurst should be provided the opportunity to excel at their sport during their time at the College. PASS is in place to ensure our top performance athletes are given all the support, guidance and expertise they require to do so. Mr Pierrepont, Head of Sport Scholarships at Hurst