Theatre Workshop for Year 1! - Hurstpierpoint College

Theatre Workshop for Year 1!

Little Red Riding Hood has been the Big Writing topic for Year 1 during the Lent Term. To aid them in learning the story they received a Theatre Workshop based on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ from Divergent Drama.

With a visit from Little Red Riding Hood herself, the children got to delve into her character further. Little Red Riding Hood arrived to tell the children what an exciting day she’d had to visit her Grandma followed by some parachute games; ‘mixing’ cake ingredients on the parachute and walking through all kinds of terrain to get to the forest! They also met Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf who took them on her Grandma’s roller coaster. The highlight for all the children was finding Grandma in a bathroom full of bubbles!

Overall, the session was brilliant as the children developed their acting skills by using their voices, facial expression, and their body to act out the story themselves.

What a fantastic morning. Thank you to Divergent Drama! Anna Ashley, Year 1 Class Teacher