Geography - Hurstpierpoint College


We teach Geography in a relevant, engaging and challenging way that stimulates an interest in, understanding of, and respect for the world around us.

The Geography department’s central philosophy is to instil a deep appreciation and understanding of the differences and difficulties experienced in the wide range of cultures and societies that exist.

Geography is a popular subject at A-level and a key subject in our modern world of globalisation and increasing pressures upon cultures and resources. As a bridge between the sciences and humanities, the physical and human aspects of the subject allow students to acquire elements of both scientific and socio-economic methodologies.

Our schemes of work are designed to enable students to learn a range of geographical skills and develop informed views about environmental and development issues on a local to global scale. We facilitate students’ understanding of the necessity to view human and physical geography as interdependent of each other and that they can no longer be studied as stand alone physical or human geography.

We follow the AQA specification which has two exams and an NEA which is worth 20% of the A-level.

The Geography department is well resourced with a variety of journals, magazines, books, online revision resources and fieldwork equipment.


We believe that fieldwork is a vital part of geographical education and so we offer a varied and exciting programme of local, regional and overseas trips to destinations such as Brighton, Somerset, the South Downs, the North Downs, Switzerland and Iceland. We also regularly attend geography lectures at the Brighton and Hove Geographical Association and host external speakers.

Higher Education and career opportunities

Many of our students have gone on to study Geography or related subjects at university.

Geography incorporates a wide range of data handling and decision-making skills, greatly sought after by employers who need people with the ability to problem solve and provide solutions. It is also a subject which complements both Arts and Science subjects at higher and degree level, and as a degree in its own right it is regarded as a valuable basis for further study.

Geography and related courses are extremely popular at universities and almost all the top universities have very strong Geography departments.

Geography opens up a wide range of careers in the following areas: environment and sustainability (Conservation Worker, Pollution Analyst); physical systems (Coastal Engineer, Hydrologist); geographical techniques (GIS specialist, CAD Technician); the business world (Accountant, Lawyer); society (Teacher, Emergency Services Manager, Campaign Organiser); development and global issues (Aid Worker, Armed Forces); Settlement (Environmental Consultant, Town Planner) and Travel and Tourism (Travel Agent, TV Researcher).