Lower Sixth Geography Trip - Hurstpierpoint College

Lower Sixth Geography Trip

The Lower Sixth geographers embarked on a day trip to Brighton to complete a range of fieldwork tasks.  

The trip was multi-purpose as it also supported much of the human component of the Changing Places topic that student’s study at A-level. It allowed them to experience their ‘near place’ by visiting Brighton in person with their geography hats on, fully immersing themselves in the day-to-day routines of the city.  

On the morning of the trip, the students planned their methodologies, created hypotheses for and collected primary data from a range of locations out in the field.  One purpose of the day was to practise a range of fieldwork techniques to be used when completing their NEA (coursework) in the next academic year. This included understanding a range of perceptions of Brighton as a place. The students took ‘soundscapes’ at a range of locations, conducting interviews and surveys with the public. They then analysed and evaluated their methods of data collection to help refine their fieldwork skills in preparation for the NEA.   

Our students took a flight on the infamous British Airways i360 and talked to local people and businesses about the impact this tourist attraction has had on the local community. As well as absorbing some breath-taking views of Brighton and the South Downs, it gave them a better feel for the scale of the city.    

Overall, the day was hugely enjoyable and helped the students develop their fieldwork techniques as well as supporting their Changing Places case study.  Beccy Bownas, Head of Geography