Sea life trip - Hurstpierpoint College

Sea life trip

Pre-Prep pupils from Year 1 had a brilliant time on their visit to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton last week.

The pupils attended a specialist workshop at the world’s oldest aquarium to learn about the features of sea creatures. One of the fascinating features they found out about was that an octopus turns orange when it is happy and grey when it is worried. They also listened to a talk about turtles. The children posed many questions to the Sea Life staff about sharks. Then it was time for them to explore the centre, to see all the amazing creatures. As a bonus, they were able to stroke a starfish and an anemone.

After their visit, the pupils enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach. They then carried out some Geography fieldwork, looking at features of the seaside, sorting them into human (man-made) and physical (natural) elements.

The pupils’ enthusiasm for learning was a credit to the school Anna Ashley, Year 1 Teacher