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Planetarium space

Year 5 pupils visit Chichester for science topic

Last Friday, Year 5 pupils took an exciting trip to the South Downs Planetarium, Chichester to help with their Earth and Space Science topic.

One of the highlights was the awe-inspiring auditorium experience of looking at the night sky in detail, alongside a lecture from the esteemed Dr John Mason. Needless to say, the children loved this hands-on learning experience and were full of insightful and though-provoking questions.

After another interesting talk on space travel and journeying to the moon, our pupils took part in a space quiz when they walked around the centre to find out new and interesting facts about their topic. To end the day, the children handled real-life meteorites, which they found fascinating, before heading back to school full of excitement and knowledge.

“Overall, it was a fantastic day out and one that we are sure the children will not forget any time soon,” Alice Edwards-Clarke, Head of KS2 Science.