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Newhaven Fort WW2 trip

Year 4 pupils enjoyed an exciting and informative experience at Newhaven Fort last Thursday.

The children engaged brilliantly in an artefact handling workshop. They worked in teams to decide which group of people from WW2 were represented by a range of objects and leaflets. Staff were impressed with the children’s sound knowledge and excellent detective skills.

A presentation of WW2 weaponry and combat uniform was given by a knowledgeable veteran. Then pupils experienced sitting inside a real Anderson air raid shelter, which was a highlight of the day. They listened to the noises, bangs and voices that may have been heard during a Blitz bombing. In true Keep Calm and Carry On style, pupils exited the shelter singing wartime songs.

The weather was kind enough to enable the group to explore the surrounds of the fort. As pupils looked out to the English Channel, they imagined scenes of naval ships departing for France and enemy aircraft approaching British shores. They enjoyed exploring the tunnels of the caponier and underground rooms of the Grand Magazine. Finally, pupils viewed and confidently answered questions about the rationing, evacuee, bomb site, women at war and VE day displays within the museum.

Year 4 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Newhaven Fort. This trip provided a memorable conclusion to our World War Two topic in History Hattie Thompson and Kate O’Neill, Teachers of Year 4

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