Junior Prep Science Masterclass - Hurstpierpoint College

Junior Prep Science Masterclass

The Year 5 and 6 Science masterclass ‘don’t break the egg’ took place at the beginning of the Lent Term. The pupils were given an extensive brief as ‘members of a car design team’, to redesign and improve the safety restraint system and bumper of a vehicle that had come under significant criticism.  The teams’ aim was to keep their occupant (the egg) safe and for it to survive a full speed, head on collision. The teams were all given the same equipment to work with, along with a mystery envelope containing an extra piece of equipment that no other team would have!

The teams of 2 and 3 worked together to plan, make, and test their designs. All pupils used their knowledge of forces and materials in attempt to beat the other teams and succeed in their mission of ‘don’t break the egg!’.

All teams put in a lot of effort, with some innovative designs being constructed. Upon initial testing (hard boiled eggs), all survived, although not unscathed, and a fair few were de-seated!

The two most successful teams were then challenged further and given an egg that had not been hard boiled. The first ended up cracked and leaking all over the test track, and although still marginally cracked, the Year 5 boys won best and most effective design!


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