Global Awareness Week - Hurstpierpoint College

Global Awareness Week

Prep School pupils enjoy learning facts and figures from around the world

Now in its second year, this week’s Prep School Global Awareness Week pulled together facts and figures, both past and present, from around the globe to broaden pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world they are growing up in. 

Posters appeared in the foyer and corridors on a daily basis and this year the week coincided with UK Parliament Week. Pupils voted in a secret ballot posing the question ‘Should world leaders ban all meat production to help the global environment?’ complete with ‘ward lists’ and voting booths, and houses competed against each other in a UK Parliament Quiz on Wednesday. 

Alongside developing their broader view of what is happening currently in national politics, pupils are also preparing for Odd Socks Day on 12th November, as part of Anti-Bullying Week, and Year 4 celebrated Diwali Day yesterday as pupils look towards Inter-Faith Week next week.