Fantastic fort visit - Hurstpierpoint College

Fantastic fort visit

Year 4 pupils visit Newhaven Fort to broaden knowledge of World War Two topic

Year 4 enjoyed an exciting day at Newhaven Fort this week. They have been learning about World War Two in History and were keen to bring their learning to life at this renowned landmark. 

On arrival, the children were welcomed by the fort’s staff, who were impressed with the pupils’ knowledge of World War Two, after just six weeks of learning about the topic. The children relished the opportunity to identify and handle many artefacts from the era. They used their detective skills to group historical sources into categories, including the role of women, the home guard and the changes to family life during the war. 

They were fascinated by the displays in the museum and worked brilliantly in their groups to complete fact-finding tasks based on evacuees, rationing, bomb shelters and wartime broadcasting. A particular highlight from the day was the air raid simulation when the children were immersed in the sounds of voices, planes and distant bombs in a fabricated underground shelter during a Blitz attack. They impressively held their nerve despite the darkness and realistic setting, and emerged from the shelter buzzing from the experience. 

In the afternoon, pupils took a tour of the fort in rather blustery conditions, strolling along the ramparts, when they were wowed by the panoramic views of Newhaven and Seaford Bay. They were amazed by the size of the weaponry in the gun emplacements and enjoyed following the network of tunnels through the magazines, which would have housed ammunition. 

“The children thoroughly broadened their understanding of the Home Front in wartime Britain and are eager to find out more as we continue our topic in class.,” Hattie Thompson, Year 4 Teacher.