Engineering Masterclass - Hurstpierpoint College

Engineering Masterclass

The Physics Department recently organised an engineering masterclass for pupils in years 5 and 6, with help from Hurst alumni, Bella Shepard.

Our pupils worked in groups to tackle the Squashed Tomato Challenge which involved them ‘journeying’ to Nepal to join a community of tomato farmers high in the Himalayas. Life is hard for these farmers as they work the land to grow their precious tomato crops. The market is in the foothills and involves a steep descent and a river crossing. Our engineers had to design a solution to help the farmers get their delicate crop to market in the most effective way possible. They demonstrated great amounts of creativity and ingenuity when designing their solutions. The teamwork on display was also brilliant.

The teams worked alongside former pupil, Bella Shepard, who is studying Mechanical Engineering at UCL. She was impressed with the technical solutions the teams developed as well as their energy and inventiveness. It was also a great opportunity for our pupils to consider the diversity of engineering and the skills which make a good engineer.


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