Egyptian theme day - Hurstpierpoint College

Egyptian theme day

In November, Year 3 pupils enjoyed an Egyptian themed day when they designed and decorated their own Egyptian tunics before learning all about mummification.

Using a life-sized fabric body, they happily set about removing the ‘brains’ through the nose with a crochet hook before extracting some rather life-like organs from the body cavity. These were carefully placed in beautiful, delicate canopic jars which the pupils had made in their Art lessons. The body was then wrapped in bandages and small clay shabti (made by the pupils) were inserted into the layers. Finally, a death mask was placed on the mummy and it was adorned with jewellery and a scroll of spells placed on top.

After that mammoth task, the pupils decorated their own sarcophagus pencil cases, complete with jewels, to end their day of all things Egyptian.