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Vital life skills learnt through PSHCE

Learning vital life skills is at the heart of our PSHCE delivery in the Prep and Pre-Prep schools. We aim to deliver a robust scheme of work with a modern approach across a wide variety of subjects.

Hurst for Life programme

Coupled with our Hurst for Life programme, delivered in Years 3-6, pupils have opportunities to learn more about the wider world, as well as that much closer to them. They learn to value themselves and the world around them. Explore how to support sustainability and their environment. Raise awareness about issues that are important to them and get involved in charitable contributions.

Older year groups

In the older years, pupils are able to explore career options, prepare their CV and gain qualifications in basic First Aid. They learn how to use time management effectively and develop their public speaking skills. We actively encourage our pupils to share their passions and invite them to present year group and whole school assemblies. Our Guardians work closely across the year groups to foster a welcoming and inclusive playground space. Whilst our work as an inclusive staff and pupil body is promoted through our Diversity and Inclusion platform.

New governmental guidance

In line with the new governmental statutory guidance for Relationships, Sex and Health Education from September 2020, we have reviewed the content of our lessons and have been sourcing and updating materials and resources. We are also working with outside agencies and speakers to provide a variety of learning experiences for our pupils.

From Reception, and throughout their learning journey in KS1, KS2 and KS3, pupils learn about healthy relationships and how to look after their physical health and personal hygiene. They explore ways to manage their mental and digital wellbeing and how to stay safe in a variety of situations. All of this is delivered by tutors in an age-appropriate way. By creating a safe space within the classroom, pupils benefit from open discussions, partner work, role play, presentations and self-reflection.

Parent and carer involvement

They will experience so many of these key elements across the curriculum, not just within the PSHCE classroom. We also reach out to involve parents and carers to continue these conversations at home. Working with visiting professionals, pupils in the older years explore relationships, puberty, changing bodies and body image. The younger years work with Barnardo’s and NSPCC resources to support their relationships’ learning.

Building confident learners, who feel comfortable to ask questions and find out more, and helping parents and carers to support them, is fundamental to our PSHCE teaching. Preparing children and young adults to look after themselves both mentally and physically is also echoed in our whole school assemblies. This draws attention not only to their day-to-day wellbeing and lifestyle choices, but also the bigger picture. We also highlight global issues through observance of national and international awareness days and months surrounding water consumption, sustainability, manufacturing processes, charity work, Black History Month, International Women’s Day and LGBTQ+ History Month – to name just a few.

This is just a summary of how our pupils learn vital life skills and why it is at the heart of PSHCE delivery in the Prep and Pre-Prep schools.

Zoe Taylor-West, Head of PSHCE, Hurst Prep School


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