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Preparing students for life beyond a private school

Why it's important to encourage Sixth Formers to step outside their comfort zones

25 Nov 2020

Flight to quality: medical, dental and veterinary

How Hurst College supports its students on their journey to study medical, dental and veterinary courses

06 Nov 2020

Young people: What is their ‘why’?

How to turn students into successful school leavers who are ready for the challenges of life beyond school

22 Oct 2020

Healthy culture at a leading independent school

Platinum Business interviewed Hurst College's Headmaster Tim Manly about how staff and students are looked after at one of the country’s leading independent schools

08 Oct 2020

Prepare young people for right steps after school

Parents and teachers should collaborate effectively to prepare young adults for their launch into the world beyond school

22 Sep 2020

Diversity and Inclusion at independent schools

Hurst College, as a leading independent school of excellence, challenged to take a deeper look into issues surrounding inequality

09 Sep 2020

What makes a great independent school?

Value added data shows what grades your child is likely to achieve at one independent school compared to another

25 Aug 2020

Thinking ahead to university entrance from Year 9

Hurst College’s Head of Higher Education explains how parents can encourage their children to look towards a university education at a young age

13 Aug 2020

Work hard, do good and engage at independent schools

Education is much more than achieving the right grades, as much value should be placed on what goes on outside of the classroom as inside at independent schools

29 Jul 2020

Looking after pupils means looking after staff

Pupil wellbeing should be at the top of the education agenda and staff wellbeing should follow close behind

14 Jul 2020

Remote learning in private schools: rising to the challenge

The decision to close schools on 20 March left precious little time for school leaders to plan for the lockdown

26 Jun 2020

How to choose the best private school

Tim Manly, Headmaster of Hurst College, addresses the ever-important issue of what parents should look for when choosing the best school for their children

10 Jun 2020