Year 3 Hindleap Warren Trip - Hurstpierpoint College

Year 3 Hindleap Warren Trip

Year 3 pupils set off for Hindleap Warren Outdoor Activity Centre in the pouring rain on Tuesday Morning. Despite the weather, not a single complaint was heard all day as the pupils threw themselves into the various activities on offer.  

They started with shelter building (appropriately, in the rain) and were tasked with constructing a weatherproof shelter using only tarpaulin and some ropes. The children quickly rose to the task, gathering logs and creating some wonderful shelters. Some even included floorboards and TV stands! 

Then it was time for the obstacle course. It was slippery in the wet, but the children climbed and scrambled, helping each other by using the ‘Ninja Squirrel’ pose to support their partner on ropes or tyres. It was great to see the teamwork displayed by the pupils, really demonstrating the Hurst spirit.  

 After lunch, the children went on an Earth Walk. This involved paying close attention to nature and gathering a variety of objects from the forest (something prickly, something smooth, something furry, something that smelled nice) to create a potion, which was then named, and its magic powers described to the group. 

 It was a wonderful introduction to Hindleap for the Year 3s, who will be spending the night in Year 4 (though not in a self-constructed shelter!). 

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