Year 3 and 4 Production: Archibald’s War - Hurstpierpoint College

Year 3 and 4 Production: Archibald’s War

Years 3 and 4 performed ‘Archibald’s War’ for their annual drama production and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Archibald’s War is the poignant story of young Maggie who left her beloved teddy, Archibald, on a train when being evacuated. The train guard found the missing teddy and gifted it to his son, Jack. And many years later, Maggie was reunited with her teddy, Archibald, and eventually married his new owner, Jack.

Year 4 had been studying WWII in History and this play really brought the period to life. The show flickered between the characters as young evacuees and older as grandparents.

Year 4 took on the main roles of the production alongside proving themselves to be very efficient stagehands. While Year 3 was a fantastic supporting cast, especially when it came to the singing.

The highlight of the show was the 70+ children doing the Jitterbug and the evacuees’ mothers mistaking guns for buns and Yanks for tanks!

It really was a show to remember - thank you to Miss Hall-Smith and Mrs Melia for putting the show together and to Mr Travers for his wonderful piano accompaniment. Sarah Deelman, Teacher of Year 4