Year 2 At The i360! - Hurstpierpoint College

Year 2 At The i360!

As the school minibuses drove through the city, the children demonstrated impressive knowledge of landmarks, spotting Brighton Pavilion, the Palace Pier, and the Grand Hotel. The 138-metre ascent on the i360 was swift and smooth and the children were fascinated to experience the panorama over the city and to look down on the buildings from a bird’s eye view. From the glass pod, the children were able to name and identify compass directions, locating the Down to the North, Seven Sisters to the East, and West Pier and English Channel to the South.

Later in the morning, Year 2 travelled up to Devil’s Dyke, where they looked more closely at human and physical geographical features linked to our topic about our local area. This provided a great opportunity for the pupils to practise using key geographical vocabulary within the field and to discuss the differences between man-made and natural landmarks within our local area.

The children returned to school full of enthusiasm and relishing the opportunity to learn more about the world ‘On Our Doorstep’! Hattie Thompson, Head of Reception to Year 4