Hurstpierpoint College - College community members support NHS

College community members work hard, do good and engage with NHS heroes

The college community – teachers, pupils and parents – continue to support our NHS heroes by making visors and face masks, running a marathon and producing a fundraising t-shirt.

Chief Operating Officer/DT teacher Dan Higgins and his daughter Beth – who was due to take her A-levels this Summer – have made over 160 visors for NHS staff. The visors were based on an original design shared by a friend of Dan’s who works at Abbey Gate College, Chester, who has been working with the Countess of Chester Hospital A&E Department to develop the design.

The Hurst-made visors have been produced from two methods, 3D printing and laser cutting, using PLA, PP and acetate – some also have foam and elastic stitched on by hand. Thirty-six visors have been made using two small 3D printers, which take around 90 minutes to print. The other laser designs, which are quicker to cut, require more assembly time. More than 100 visors have already been distributed by Beth following requests for assistance from a number of parents and staff. She has delivered the PPE to the Brow Medical Centre in Burgess Hill, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton, Hurst and Hassocks GP surgeries and SE Ambulance services. The remainder will be delivered when more elastic has been sourced, and once further supplies of all the materials are delivered, then more visors can be made.

It’s been a real iterative process where we have changed and simplified the design to make the production as fast and easy as possible, using the kit and stock we’ve had in the DT department. We have now exhausted all the materials we had left and have had to stop production for now Dan Higgins, Chief Operating Officer

I was asked by the children's X-Ray Department – a small, but very grateful team of Paediatric Radiographers at the Royal Alex - to pass on their huge thanks to Hurst’s amazing DT Department for making and donating the face shields School Archivist Mary-Lou Rowland, who also works part-time for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton

Huge thanks to Dan and Beth Higgins and all at Hurst for producing some great visors for SE Ambulance teams, local GP surgeries and community nurses. Really integral pieces of kit for the ongoing work and much appreciated Magnus Nelson, Emergency Medical Consultant, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Senior Nurse Sarah Barker started making facemasks over the Easter holidays after receiving an email request from her GP practice. News of Sarah’s handiwork quickly spread via Facebook and other organisations also requested her mask-making skills. She has made around 80 masks in total for local GP practices, pharmacies, care homes and community nursing teams.

My hobby is patchwork and as I had a huge stash of fabric I was happy to help out and put the fabric to good use, before I returned to work for the NHS on a temporary basis Sarah Barker, Senior Nurse

Year 6 pupil Amelie set herself the challenge of running a marathon with her pet dog in less than two weeks to raise money for NHS Charities Together. She began her quest last week, running between three and four miles every day and fittingly completed her 26.2 miles on Sunday, which should have been the day of the London Marathon. So far she has raised £880, just £120 short of her target, and is still expecting to hit her fundraising target.

When I was clapping the NHS workers on Thursday evenings I was thinking how brave they are and wanted to do more to help, so I decided to run a fundraising marathon. This is something I can do from my front door during our daily dog walking slot and online PE lesson time Amelie, Year 6 student

During the Easter holidays Fleur Housemistress Jami Edwards-Clarke and the girls in her care designed a t-shirt, with a little help from some friends, to raise funds for the NHS. Using the girls’ drawings as a template, a Welsh friend of Jami’s produced print-ready artwork and a local West Sussex printer produced the finished article. Inspired by Jami’s Mum, who is currently working as a nurse in a make-shift Covid-19 hospital in Pembrokeshire, the house had hoped to raise at least £1000 to for the NHS – that total has already been passed with more than 200 t-shirts sold and £2500 raised.

The work that every single doctor, nurse, cleaner, porter (the list goes on) has been doing made us think, what we could do to help. So, we decided to produce this fundraising t-shirt to support our amazing NHS teams, wherever they are - and my Mum! Our first donation of £1000 has been sent to Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust for their staff wellbeing fundraising campaign which will ensure staff have the resources and support they need to fight coronavirus whilst remaining healthy, energised and well-rested over the upcoming weeks and months ahead Jami Edwards-Clarke, Fleur Housemistress