Wellbeing Champions - Hurstpierpoint College

Wellbeing Champions

The aim of the Wellbeing Champions team (alongside the Head Wellbeing Champions, Hollie and Emma) is to promote wellbeing within each house and across the College more generally. Dr Blokland, Mrs Jacques, and Miss Burr will be supporting the Wellbeing Champions in their pursuit to raise a greater awareness of what wellbeing is, and what steps we–as individuals and as a whole school community–can take to promote wellbeing in all areas of Hurst life.

As part of the training day, these students learned about various different mental health issues that young people can often face. As a group, and with guidance from an external instructor from Mental Health First Aid England, they were able to discuss ways of helping and supporting others who are struggling.

The day culminated in a group presentation, during which students were asked to create an action plan of how to support individuals facing various crises. These presentations demonstrated how much students had learned throughout their Mental Health First Aid training, and the course facilitator was incredibly impressed with the students’ engagement, participation, and courage throughout the day.

At the end of the training day, the LVI students who completed the course were officially recognised as ‘Mental Health First Aid Champions’, and will be receiving a certificate to celebrate their achievement.

Although some of the content of the day was quite challenging, the LVI students tackled this with maturity, sensitivity, and respect, and they are very much looking forward to putting their skills into practice alongside their House Wellbeing Champions teams. We’re looking forward to seeing the LVI team in action in their new roles. Jessica Burr, Teacher of REP and English