United Nations' Day of Persons with Disabilities - Hurstpierpoint College

United Nations’ Day of Persons with Disabilities

The United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities was used at Hurst as an opportunity to increase the understanding and awareness of issues related to disability.

Two of our Lower Sixth students who were interviewed, spoke eloquently and honestly about their own experience of disability. This was filmed and shown in house assemblies to encourage thought and reflection about how students and staff can best support students with disabilities.

In lessons, students had discussions about the social model of disabilities. For example, in Geography they talked about how the barriers that exist in the built environment and society can be overcome; in English, about the use of disablist language in the news and how this has improved over time; and in Drama, the portrayal of people with disabilities on the screen and the lack of disabled actors being chosen to play disabled characters.

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