Trip to Tillingbourne - Hurstpierpoint College

Trip to Tillingbourne

As part of their iGCSE Geography module on river fieldwork, our Remove pupils enjoyed a day trip to the River Tillingbourne along the south side of the North Downs. Whilst the stormy morning skies did not bode well for a day out in the open field, the sun soon appeared for what became a lovely afternoon of fieldwork.  

Rotating between three different sites, the pupils took the opportunity to hone their data collection skills, measuring a whole range of factors including river gradient, velocity, and sediment size. They practiced field sketching too, all with the aim of collecting data for detailed comparative analysis back in the classroom.  

The trip ran very smoothly, except for one unexpected turn…whilst the pupils were busy watching dog biscuits float down the river (an interesting yet effective way of measuring its velocity), an opportunist local beagle managed to get into the biscuit jar and demolish half of the pupils’ supply!  

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