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The meaning of life

250 staff, students, parents and partner schools attend lecture by AC Grayling

An audience of more than 250 members of the Hurst community and partner schools was dazzled by a lecture on the history of philosophical thought by the acclaimed author and philosopher AC Grayling.

Grayling, whose new book is called The History of Philosophy, shared his thoughts on the origins of the pursuit of ethical truths and on the benefits of philosophy for both society and individuals. Hurst students, staff and parents were joined by guests from Lancing College, Sir Robert Woodward Academy and Warden Park School, and were treated to a warm-hearted and erudite tour-de-horizon from Grayling, the Master of the New College of the Humanities. 

He even shared his answer to his favourite question from taxi drivers: What’s the meaning of life? 

“I know that one. Life’s meaning is yours to make, it’s your responsibility to seek out the meaning of your own life, and no-one else’s,” AC Grayling, Author, Philosopher, Master New College of the Humanities.