The Great Debate - Hurstpierpoint College

The Great Debate

On the evening of Friday 24 November, four avid Vth Form History students travelled to Christ Hospital to compete in the regional heat of the Great Debate; a nationwide competition posing the question ‘Which person or place in your local area deserves more recognition?’.

Each student prepared a five-minute speech on this topic on a variety of different things from the local area. Claudia K spoke about St John the Baptist Church in Clayton, Imo T cantered her speech on the Preist’s House in West Hoathly, Kate W spoke about her neighbour Dr Neville Davis, and Charlotte L was awarded runner up for her phenomenal speech on Danny House in Hurst.  

It was a lovely evening and a great opportunity to expand our knowledge of the local area whilst also developing their public speaking skills. Claudia K, Student