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Summer term sailing

Despite the restrictions, Hurst Sailing endeavoured to make the best of the situation and embarked on five one-day sailing trips this term. There were two Shell trips in April, a Shell and Remove trip in May and two trips in June for Shell and Fifth.

Each trip involved sailing to or from Chichester and Portsmouth Harbours. All crews had the chance to helm, hoist, bend and trim sails; learn about basic seamanship and navigation – and about living on a yacht. When there were light winds, Mr P showed how to hoist a cruising chute – a big, impressive sail.

In Portsmouth, Mr Poole talked about naval history, the Victory and Warrior ships and the modern warships that were currently moored there. Delicious lunches were provided by Mrs P (the Skipper’s First Mate!) while moored in Portsmouth or Langstone Harbours.

Dates and participants:

April 17: Shell – Caoimhe O, Andres G, Maddy W

April 24: Shell – Finn S, Lorna B, Inigo D, Henry D

May 22: Shell/Remove – Caoimhe O, Lizzie D, Georgie C, Felicity T

June 12: Vth/Shell – Oli B, Nix E, Harry S, Jamie J

June 19: Shell: – Cara B, Algy C, Alma M

Much was learnt on each sailing day and we look forward to next year and hosting more students who would like to sail Simon Poole, Master-in-Charge of Sailing

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