Summer Term Informal Concerts - Hurstpierpoint College

Summer Term Informal Concerts

From Tuesday the 9th to Thursday the 11th of May, the music school hall hosted the prep school’s summer term round of informal concerts. These were the final opportunities for our young musicians to perform in a relaxed and supportive setting to an audience of family and friends. Throughout the year, the pupils have relished this opportunity and we have been very pleased to see so many of them courageously getting up on stage and showcasing the hard work they have been doing in music lessons and at home.

The first concert, on Tuesday, was for years 7 and 8. This featured a wide variety of instruments and musical styles from pop and rock to jazz and blues, to classical. For those in year 8, this will have been the last informal concert opportunity. We would like to give congratulations to those who have performed in these concerts throughout their time at Hurst and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Next up were years 3 and 4, who put on an impressive programme, with 21 very brave, young musicians stepping up and giving enthusiastic performances. It has been wonderful to see so many of the pupils perform across all 3 of our informal concert opportunities this academic year. Amongst the performers were those performing on new instruments for the first time, having taken up lessons following the instrumental programme, which ran in their lessons over the Lent term. These are such important, formative years for budding musicians, and it has been fantastic to see so much support at these events from friends, family and teachers.

Finally, years 5 and 6 finished the week’s musical offerings with another very enjoyable and varied showcase of music from across the ages. With piano minutes from the classical period to drumkit performances of pop songs, and everything in between, the pupils displayed equal measures of musical prowess and bravery to perform so fantastically to an audience. We would like to thank the year 5s for their enthusiasm and we look forward to hearing them continue to develop next year. We would also like to wish the year 6s the best of luck as they move up to the Senior Prep school.

Overall, each of these concerts has been a brilliant showcase of the musical talent we have at the prep school. We would like to thank everyone who has attended these concerts throughout the year, your support means the world to us and particularly to the performers.

We look forward to hearing their musical offerings going forward. Neil Matthews, Director of Music