Staff vs Students Charity Football Match - Hurstpierpoint College

Staff vs Students Charity Football Match

The St John’s female football team, captained by Lily N, faced the female staff on a foggy West Astro to raise funds for Movember.

The students dominated the opening 10 minutes with an early goal from Bea P. Her attacking partnership with the tenacious Tiggy B proved too much for the staff’s back four despite Larissa Goodger’s capacity to win the ball at crucial moments.

The staff came back stronger and equalised at the end of the first half. Fi Eade’s goal, albeit deflected, was deserved. Janneke Blokland worked hard in midfield to get the ball to Jami Edwards-Clarke and Amy Radford.

Half-time came and went with a few bruised knees and a short team talk. The staff dominated the second half with a few chances on goal, just put wide by Indi Rowley. Yet, St John’s pulled it back and matched the staff in what turned out to be a great game of end-to-end action, largely facilitated by Jenna J and Holly de V H.

A superb game for a superb cause. Fittingly finished on 1-1.


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