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Spanish Debating Competition

Last week, two students, Agnes R and Josie M represented Hurst at the National Spanish Debate at Tonbridge School. It was a thrilling experience and out of 15 teams, Agnes and Josie managed to qualify for the quarterfinals.

The girls put on an excellent debate, however, Hampton School presented convincing justifications and evidence that secured them a spot in the semifinals. In the finals, Eton claimed the top spot, with Hampton in second.

Both the pupils and staff stated it was an incredible experience, and the girls are grateful to have participated. It’s important to note that the girls’ decision to participate last Friday did not work in their favour, as other teams had more time to research the 3 motions. There’s no need to worry though, they are more determined to return stronger in the coming years.

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We are incredibly proud of our girls. Reaching the quarterfinals and being among the top 8 national teams in our first attempt at the debate is a significant achievement. Jorge Garcia Marcos, Head of Spanish