Sixth Form Go To Lords and Battersea - Hurstpierpoint College

Sixth Form Go To Lords and Battersea

The Lower Sixth Design and Technology students have been tasked with a ‘live project’—to design a new pavillion for the College grounds, with Mr Mott as their client. On Friday 29th September, they travelled to London to visit Lords Cricket Ground and the newly renovated Battersea Power Station as research for their coursework.

At Lords, the students met with their Project Manager, Mr Ebdon, who is the Estates Director at Lords. They were briefed on the design and construction processes as well as the finances for their project, before having a tour of the famous grounds, where inspiration and innovation was abundant.

The students then travelled across the city to Battersea, where they were immersed in the Art Deco architecture of Battersea Power Station. They were also able to take in some exciting examples of London’s famous architecture from the height of the power station’s chimneys in Lift 109.

The visit to London allowed the Sixth Form to begin their own investigations as an architect would. They were able to ask questions of their project manager, to equip themselves with knowledge of the constraints and possibilities which they’d be met with in real life. The opportunity to also view London’s skyline from Lift 109 was a real crowd pleaser! Ruth Brown, DT Co-curricular Coordinator