Shell wilderness morning - Hurstpierpoint College Activity

Shell wilderness morning

Shell pupils enjoyed a wilderness morning, immersed in survival skills, courtesy of the team from Really Wild Bushcraft.

Deliberately grouped randomly, pupils bonded and formed teams while learning to work collaboratively as they engaged in activities. The activities were run by various adventurers and explorers, from Really Wild, who survived the Amazon, Atlantic and Antarctica.

Along with handy hints and anecdotes for surviving by being resourceful and inventive, the bush craft team explained how we can survive without technology. Pupils learnt how to construct cord from grass – which can become as strong as rope. They foraged for food – even finding nutritious plants on the college campus. Were taught to appreciate the mechanical theory behind successful tracking and hunting. Learnt how to make a fire that lasts, for warmth and cooking – plus how to make a stretcher to carry injured members to safety. Really Wild proved that we are all programmed to succeed by linking how we behave and think today to that of our successful ancestors who survived so we could evolve.

The morning gave a different perspective on life and what it means to be successful and provided students with the confidence to go forth and fulfil their potential Karen Pattison, Head of Shell

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