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Self-defence workshop

A group of qualified self-defence instructors visited the college last Wednesday to deliver a self-defence workshop to students in Remove.

The instructors spent just over two hours teaching the students physical and mental strategies to defend themselves. When we think of self-defence, we might think of physical escape and how to handle attacks with force. However, one of the key focusses is personal safety. The students were taught that before any physical defence is required, a safe environment is key. For example, a safe environment is choosing not to walk down a badly lit street wearing headphones. This will enable you to hear anyone around you that might be a threat. Once students understood the mental strategies, they were taught various physical self-defence actions, including head safety, the hammer punch and choke escapes.

The aim was to provide students with the necessary skills to defend themselves, inevitably though, it gave much more. Students left feeling more confident and more streetwise.

It was great to see the students ‘get stuck in’ with the exercises. A successful initiative that we hope to continue in the future Will Poole, Head of Remove

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