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Respect and Relationships Workshops

The Directors of Respect and Relationships ran respect and relationships workshops for Shell, Remove and Fifth Formers during the last week of term. These workshops were organised to support the initiative on improving respect and relationships throughout the school. They addressed the concepts of sexism, toxic masculinity, positive masculinity and how the college can redefine the concept for a positive culture shift.   

 Matt Pinkett, teacher, established author and self-confessed ‘ex-toxic lad’, talked to each of the year groups about the important issues. He explored the concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ – what it means and why it can sometimes be a loaded term. Matt facilitated group discussion on why it is an issue in schools and society. Also, what everyone can do to challenge negative ideas, reinforce positive masculinity and relationships between all genders.

 The year groups split into smaller mixed groups to complete a range of interactive tasks. These included quizzes on facts and figures relating to everyday sexism. A discussion of the law and government policy on sexual harassment, consent in schools and the concept of a ‘man box’ in which negative and stereotypical male behaviours were challenged. The students came up with a new ‘man box’ in which positive masculinity was championed, with helpful ideas to improve these issues. As a collective, they discussed ‘redefining masculinity at Hurst’.

The feedback from staff and pupils has been brilliant. We hope these workshops - which tackle controversial but important issues - will help to continue a much-needed societal culture shift Andrew Daville and Rebecca Bownas, Directors of Respect and Relationships

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