Pelican House Hutch-Olympics - Hurstpierpoint College

Pelican House Hutch-Olympics

This year, to celebrate the formation of our Pelican Families and to build team spirit, Dr Hutchinson, Assistant Housemistress of Pelican, created a Family Sports Day.

The Lower Sixth students helped to plan the events and had everything from welly-throwing to obstacle courses.

For the Grand Finale, Pelican introduced the ‘Communication Race’ which consists of mixed pairs working together to dress one blindfolded member of their pair in a boiler suit with adornments such as tutus, funny glasses, and flower garlands by using really clear verbal instructions.

The Event was named by the students as ‘Hutch-Olympics’ and will now become an annual Pelican House event with a rather splendid trophy up for grabs!

It was great fun and the girls loved every moment! Dr Hutchinson, Assistant Housemistress of Pelican