Outdoor adventure at Hindleap Warren - Hurstpierpoint College

Outdoor adventure at Hindleap Warren

Pupils from Year 4 excitedly boarded the Hurst minibuses for a day of outdoor adventure at Hindleap Warren in Ashdown Forest. Their mood was not dampened by the torrential rain as they ventured into the woods for their first activities.

They enthusiastically engaged with the shelter building group task as they strategically planned where to place, and how to secure, their tarpaulin. There were many sturdily built structures, and they even considered interior comforts such as fern carpets and log seats.

Solo climbs and teamwork

Every child scaled the climbing wall to varying levels, many overcoming their fear of heights. The instructors taught the pupils how best to place their hands and feet and were impressed by the agility and stamina shown. It was rewarding to see the proud expressions on pupils’ faces during their descents.

There were further team building tasks throughout the day which required pupils to communicate effectively to complete the challenges. After a few attempts, each team worked out how to use a set of tyres as stepping-stones to cross a large space. The children realised they needed to support each other as they balanced on the tyres, enabling a new one to be passed further down the line. As the tasks progressed, they became more cooperative, learning to negotiate and discuss their ideas.

Our pupils returned to Hurst muddy, wet, exhausted, and exhilarated. Many said that it had been the best day ever! It was a marvellous opportunity for them to spend time interacting positively with their peers in the great outdoors Kate O’Neill, Teacher of Year 4

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