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On the beach

Fifth Form geographers practise fieldwork techniques at Seaford

Last Friday, the Fifth Form geographers travelled to Seaford Beach to practise fieldwork techniques in preparation for paper 4 of the IGCSE geography exam. 

Students were split into groups and completed a range of fieldwork techniques including: measuring the gradient of the beach using ranging poles and clinometers to see the impact of the types of waves; analysing sediment along the beach to assess the impacts of attrition; measuring longshore drift and analysing the coastal processes and landforms evident along this coastline. 

They engaged well with the fieldwork and refined their techniques which is required for the exam – they were also effectively able to see ‘geography in motion’ by describing and explaining the key features of this stretch of coastline, including the headland, bay, cliffs, wave cut platform, wave cut notches and a stack. The students discussed the effectiveness of the coastal management techniques which included a splash point, groynes and beach replenishment. 

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and got so much out of it, despite being metaphorically battered by Storm Lorenzo and the rather large waves it brought in!” Beccy Bownas, Head of Geography & Sociology.