NRICH roadshow - Hurstpierpoint College

NRICH roadshow

Hurst were delighted to welcome the NRICH roadshow team from the Centre of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge for a day of hands-on mathematical activities and problem solving.

Students from Shell, Remove and Fifth took part in one of six sessions, when they were introduced to the great dodecahedron, a Kepler-Poinsot polyhedron which, due to its incredible symmetries and hidden beauty, produced audible ‘wow’ moments in each session. This introduction was followed by a series of classic hands-on puzzles and problems (such as the Tower of Hanoi) that were tackled with great enthusiasm and skill by teams of two or three students.

A cracking day had by all involved, demonstrated by the fact that not a single group wanted their session to end! Graham Moir, Head of Sixth Form Maths & Advanced Maths