Microsoft Marvels - Hurstpierpoint College

Microsoft Marvels

Last week, three Shell pupils, plus one each from Year 7 and 8 set off on an intrepid journey to the Microsoft Headquarters in London, accompanied by Miss Faulkner. 

Their day began at Hassocks train station, and after a few train switches during the rush-hour, they made it to Microsoft. Upon arrival, the group were greeted by bustling commuters reviewing the products followed by the applause of the Microsoft team.

The pupils were introduced to the products, and given an in-depth explanation on how they are constructed to match users. They were shown all the software including some very interesting technology that Microsoft use to co-ordinate their display screens.

Next came the highlight of the day, the Xbox gaming room with two rows of monitors each accompanied by an Xbox, plus individual booths for widescreen gaming and an amazing Forza Motorsport gaming experience. Another highlight of the day was the McLaren P1 which had a redesigned interior to simulate Forza game play. The pupils were fascinated to see the potential of all the technology around them.

Before their departure, the pupils had one last assignment to complete. They had just 15 minutes to take photographs and videos of the store in order to make a movie using Microsoft’s software.

All in all, it was a fantastic day out and we absolutely loved it. Many thanks to the Microsoft store for their friendly hospitality Barnaby Mendez, Shell Student and member of the Digital Learning Team