Maths Fest 2020 - Hurstpierpoint College

Maths Fest 2020

Last week, 24 keen mathematicians from Shell to Lower-Sixth headed to Kensington for the annual Maths Fest show – an all-day extravaganza designed to celebrate and be inspired by mathematics.

Upon arrival, our students explored the Maths Village, where the wide range of puzzles and activities instantly captured their attention. They then moved into the great hall for the show, as celebrity mathematicians such as Simon Singh (a BAFTA award-winning documentary maker and author), Rob Eastaway (a best-selling author) and Steve Mould (science YouTuber and mathematical comedian) delivered a plethora of ‘wow’ moments and laughs, while a senior examiner from the exams board gave her ‘Top 10 tips for smashing exams’.

A top day all round, and our students are already looking forward to next years event! Graham Moir, Head of Sixth Form Maths & Advanced Maths