LVI Welcome Dinner - Hurstpierpoint College

LVI Welcome Dinner

Attendance was near-perfect, and the food was bountiful, with the firm fan favourite of katsu chicken curry making yet another appearance; it has surely replaced roast Wednesday and fish and chips Friday as the most popular meal amongst Hurst students!  After the meal it took quite a while to explain the rules of bingo to a community of young people who may not have been down their local Mecca Bingo Hall that often. But we eventually got to ‘eyes down look in’ and were able to hand out a wealth of generous prizes, from Pot Noodles to whoopee cushions. The first winner of the night was Oscar Harmington, one of the famous Three New Oscars in Star. The winners of the 1% Club Quiz were the Fleur girls, who picked up a Deliveroo voucher...which they will presumably use to order in more katsu chicken curry!  Brian Schofield, Head of Sixth Form