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Lower Sixth embassy visit

In preparation for the Royal Russell Conference being held next week, the Lower Sixth MUN (Model United Nations) team headed up to London to visit the Panamanian and Georgian Embassy. The trip offered students the opportunity to engage in political discussion with representatives of both Panama and Georgia. 

 After a short walk from the station, members of the team arrived at the impressive grounds of the Panamanian Embassy. They were warmly welcomed by the Ambassador of Panama, Natalia Royo, and her team: the wonderful Luis Eduardo Pabon Chevalier, Karla P. Gonzalez and Michelle Arjona.  

 The visit offered valuable insight into the country, revealing facts about the rainforest covering 75% of the land and their unique Indigenous culture. Our students were able to Analyse the importance of Panama’s canal, which handles 5% of the world’s trade. The conversation that ensued highlighted the proud mediating role of the Panama Pertain and the power struggle with the United States. Following a short break, the discussion continued, covering Panama’s forward thinking ban on single use plastic and the efforts initiated to end illegal trading of goods and people.  

Our team then hopped on the tube, bound for the Georgian Embassy. On arrival, our students were greeted by diplomats Ana Nozadze and Margalita Shakarashvili, who provided a wealth of knowledge on the affairs of Georgia. The compelling conversation mentioned the troubled diplomatic relationship between Georgia and Russia, and how 20% of the Georgian territory is currently occupied by Russia. 

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The students felt privileged to be able to immerse themselves in the political life of fascinating countries, and were grateful for the hospitality received in both embassies. Kieran Nash, Teacher of Politics