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Love, Love, Love!

This term saw a Lower Sixth cast put on their rendition of Mike Bartlett’s Love, Love, Love: a satirical, challenging piece of theatre that follows the story of one Baby Boomer couple from the Swinging Sixties right through to the Nineties. Over a period of 40 years, we watch how idealistic teenagers of the 1960s, Sandra and Kenneth, later come to face the challenges of marriage and parenthood at a time when the generational gaps could not seem wider. The performance presented the Hurst audience with themes still very relevant today—financial inequalities, political ideologies, entitlement—all mingled with the humour and tension that is characteristic of Bartlett’s work.  

From the very first read-through, there was an incredible buzz amongst the cast; all the members were excited by the opportunity presented by the script, and couldn’t wait to begin rehearsing. The cast sustained this level of energy throughout and fully committed themselves to the creative process, and their enthusiasm was plain to see during both performances. After each night, they came off stage begging for an additional performance—they just couldn’t get enough! 

With an aim to present the audience with a challenging piece of theatre, whilst also encouraging a greater appreciation for more sophisticated theatre making, Love, Love, Love was certainly a success. The audience’s anticipation was palpable in the New Bury as they waited for the next laugh, gasp, or grimace moment, and there were many thanks to the cast’s superb handling of Bartlett’s text. Debates about the play’s thought-provoking subject matter filled the theatre during the interval and post-performance, and it was clear that the audience had fully immersed themselves in the world of the stage presented to them. Several students who came to watch expressed an interest in performing a similar production next year, and we are already looking forward to seeing what’s in store.  

Well done to all those involved in putting the performance together—cast, staff, production team—it was certainly one to remember.

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As a former Hurst student, my fondest memory from being part of productions was having the freedom to create and celebrate what performing can do for you as a person. This is exactly what theatre in school should be about: feeling inspired, creating a strong team bond, and having fun. When these ingredients are put together, the result is always engaging theatre and the company of Love, Love, Love, fully embodied this. Miss Wolff, Director of Love, Love, Love