LinMUN2023! - Hurstpierpoint College


“With the Lower Sixth approaching what was to be our last conference of the calendar year, confidence was beaming on the back of a hugely successful outing in the prior event (BreMUN2023). Despite the absence of the Upper Sixth, the group showed great independence throughout the day, and demonstrated the skills they have picked up throughout the term, and how far the group has come since day one.

Following previous structures, we were greeted by Lingfield College, and a widely engaging opening ceremony, where a former member of the Navy talked about his time serving, and explored themes of patriarchy, corruption, and what it is truly like to serve in the military; an honest insight which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. As per usual, we were then led to our separate committees, where pressing world issues were discussed, discussed, and all attempted to have their pre-prepared resolutions passed.

This being a larger conference (numbers wise) than the last, committee meetings saw every discussion being developed into further detail, and a wider range of perspectives were taken on every matter. Every one of our delegates got involved, and while everyone is still learning day by day, the progress is clear to see as our understanding has grown through experience.

Furthermore, Lingfield was arguably the best conference host yet, and their staff created a great environment for our delegates to operate with as much independence as required.

To top off the outing was a general assembly. This took on a more formal format than previous conferences since it saw a stricter structure to the debates; the chair aimed to achieve as efficient a discussion as possible. Nevertheless, our representatives got stuck in, and had great contributions to liven the debate.”

Much like the last, Hurst picked up a lion’s share of the awards, with Alex K, Henry G, Lucy R, Charlie G & Lewis JC all picking up medals in their committees, in what was a great way to round off a thrilling calendar year. Nathanael A, Lower Sixth student