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Lent Informal Concerts

The week beginning 11 March saw the latest instalment of the Informal Concert series. This is an excellent opportunity for our young musicians to showcase what they have been working on this term on their chosen instrument – sometimes even multiple instruments! Supported by parents, pupils and staff, it is an encouraging atmosphere, in which students can experience performing in front of an audience and develop their confidence. With many students performing near the start of the programme, due to having to run off to other clubs, it really showed the pupils’ strength and all-round enthusiasm.

On Monday, the Year 7 and 8 students kicked off our performances with an array of genres, including classical, musical theatre, and pop music. It was encouraging to see students of these year groups coming to support their friends, highlighting the camaraderie within the Prep School. Similarly, it was delightful to see two Senior Prep students playing together, with one on drums and one on guitar/voice. Developing collaborative, ensemble skills at a young age is so important.

Tuesday saw the Year 5 and 6 musicians take part. This concert featured some very strong vocalists, as well as instrumentalists, which was lovely to see – definite potential for participating in the Senior School Chapel Choir in the future. With a variety of music – from ballads to more upbeat pieces (including two drum performances) – this concert showcased the wide range of music learned by our Prep School students.

Finally, Wednesday was the turn of the Year 3 and 4 students to perform. What was excellent to see was the vast number of orchestral instruments being learnt in these year groups – there’s a promising future for the Prep school orchestra! For some of these musicians this will have been one of the first times they have performed individually in front of an audience, so an informal concert like this truly is an excellent opportunity for them to become more confident on stage.

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Congratulations to everyone who performed, and thank you to everyone who came to support, and who continue to support them, by checking if they have practised and giving them encouragement – your constant backing is invaluable to the progression of these students. Neil Matthews, Director of Music